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Read Xml("..\..\my Xml Document.xml"); Data Row dr; dr = ds. Checked) dr["Result"] = "Passed"; else dr["Result"] = "Failed"; ds. But for next time when again i enter new user record and view the XML file. see the following : When I insert first Record: the XML looks liked below: Data Set ds = new Data Set(); ds.

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I am making a contact book where the user must be able to add, update and delete the entries of the contact book.

I am using a dataset and datagridview to display the xml file that I'm using and I got the contacts to show up, but now I need to be able to add, update (i.e.

Read Xml("..\\..\\my Xml Document.xml"); replace it with ur path i.e ds.

Write Xml("..\\..\\my Xml Document.xml"); it is working fine for me ur button add click write this is not overwriting the the prev one and change the code here ds.

For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Edit data in datasets on docs.

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