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This time when the lights came on they said the codes indicated that the computer controlling the battery needed to be replaced and most likely the hybrid battery as well.

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I trust this dealer because a friend has been satisfied with their service on her Corolla for 15 years, but I need my Prius back and running, and the dealer isnt making any progress. I have a document of the crankshaft position sensor recall repair, but from reading internet posts, I think it has missed out on a number of recalls, such as the steering box item.

They dont know, or wont say, if the HV battery was drained during their work. Here is data from a live laptop printout of the HV battery that the mechanic did for me April 19th. It may say 2003 because thats the latest ECM-reading program for the 2001.

I checked w/ an independent mechanic on the wholesale cost of a new hybrid battery and he said just the battery alone w/ no markup is $3500. For the rest of you Prius owners, you might want to start up your battery replacement fund now! Sorry to hear you're getting hit with such a big bill like that.

Anybody out there have any experience with having their hybrid battery replaced? I don't have anything to add, but I do appreciate your posting it.

He says if the charger doesnt work, they can get a new HV battery overnight. He says hes doing everything he can for me, but still has no theory on what happened to the HV battery.

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