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ROBYN, WE LOVE YOUR MULTIMEDIA IMAGES, WHAT MAKES YOU CREATE THEM? To be honest I started doing them as I’d reached a bit of a dark place in my life and it was incredibly therapeutic to sit down, and spend time being creative and peaceful.

Creating them helped me dig myself out of a hole and come up for air again.

When I was small, I was obsessed with the TV show Mr Benn.

It’s a 70’s cartoon where a guy walks into a fancy-dress shop and when he puts on the outfit (fireman, spaceman, gladiator) he then gets transformed into a world where he really is that character. Today Robyn you’re going to see what it’s like to live as Robyn, if Robyn was a latex clad saint, or if Robyn was an oil disaster or if Robyn was a Vegas showgirl. Every American pop star has ripped off her looks at some point, but she just keeps innovating and being a total fucking legend.

DO YOUR CHARACTERS REFLECT YOUR DRAG LOOKS IN REAL LIFE? Honestly, I want to die and come back re-incarnated as her.

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