Sec cset 2cam

Take the line joining cam center and pivot point as reference and draw lines indicating successive angular displacements of cam. With these points as centers and radius equal to length of follower arm, draw arcs, cutting the prime circle at 1,2,3…. The axis of the roller and the cam fall on the same vertical line.

Divide these into same number of divisions as in the displacement diagram.

6) Turn the camera on (or press the STATUS button) for the time change to take affect.

On any of the Contour cameras that are equipped with GPS, the camera time will be overwritten to UTC (universal time) when the camera gets a GPS position fix.

Transfer points a,b,c…..l from displacement diagram. velocity during return stroke = = 3999.86mm/sec = 3.999m/sec Acceleration of the follower during outstroke = = = 359975mm/sec Displacement diagram: Same as previous case. (5) Draw the cam profile for following conditions: Follower type = roller follower, off set to the right of cam axis by 18mm; lift = 35mm; base circle radius = 50mm; roller radius = 14mm; out stroke with SHM in 0.05sec; dwell for 0.0125sec; return stroke with UARM, during 0.125sec; dwell for the remaining period. Mark points 1,2,3….direction opposite to the direction of cam rotation, on prime circle. draw perpendicular lines to the radials, representing flat faced followers.

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