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At times while shooting, Adams admits, he has felt an uneasy sense of déjà vu: “We’ve done this before! “We built an entire huge prison set for that season,” Adams says.

“I'm not good at it, I overthink every post that I put out and the ramifications and who'll be listening and how it'll be received.” And then, last month, the final straw.

“I posted this old photo I had found of Meghan and I on set,” he recalls, a photograph from years ago of Markle kissing his cheek.

“I was like, ‘Here we go, this is gonna change everything,' and I came in ready to have it be this eviscerating, painful, emotional, complex thing that we’d play out over the whole season.

But of course, they were like: ‘We can’t have that.

Until recently, USA had a strict credo for its programming, which essentially boiled down to a two-point checklist: Its shows need an offbeat lead with a moral center, and they need “blue skies,” meaning they’re hopeful, aspirational and out of step with the darker tone of most cable fare.

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