Online dating old photos

Hell, here’s the original post: So I’m on this dating site and this guy’s profile looks interesting to me.

It shows she knows what she wants, and if that's me, who am I to complain?

Other women’s lists may differ — although I bet there’s a lot in common. I was lamenting the sad fact that someone I’d begun messaging with on an online dating site had proven himself to be completely illiterate.

I ride motorcycles because I like to , not because I like to park a shiny chrome bike in a parking lot after riding a mile or two to have some beers with my friends. They want to know what you like and what’s important to you. Hell, I’ve been writing for a living since 1990 and even expect a guy to be able to string together correctly spelled words into a coherent thought that resembles a punctuated sentence.

I could probably out-ride most of the Harley guys out there and I’m sure I have more motorcycle miles in more states under my belt. Once your profile photo got a woman’s interest, this is where she’ll go to see if you might be compatible. For pete’s sake, we have spellcheckers and autocorrect that practically do the spelling for us! Brief/Incomplete profiles Dating sites usually give you plenty of space to describe yourself and the kind of woman you’re looking for.

So I strike up a conversation with him in the site’s messaging system.

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