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Julia, Eammon's wife, Melissa's mother, takes a shine to the young man ... It's a long piece at just over 40k words because I found had to draw out the seduction scenes in an attempt to at least preserve some degree of believability.That was my intent, to make it at least a little bit credible since, "Hi, Dad. Hey, Mum, Dad's got a hard-on, it'd be a shame to waste it", just doesn't seem plausible to me ... Prologue Eammon Eammon Morgan's fingers tightened on the steering wheel when he flicked a glance at the rear view mirror and his eyes brushed over the young man sitting in the back seat. To Eammon, she was precious, and he intended to protect her from the world, from pain and heartbreak, as long as he had breath in his body. " he called, and then threw a look over his shoulder to check on the gap between his daughter and her recently acquired boyfriend.

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She knew he'd come up with all kinds of reasons for not allowing Ben to join in, that he would bluster and make noises about it being family time, how he didn't spend enough time with Melissa and her mother, although he would blame work, as usual for that.

There would be words about inconvenience and sleeping arrangements, she could just picture her father's mournful expression as he tried to guilt her about having just met Ben and was it wise to have him with them for such a condensed period.

This newly discovered penchant for taking chances, especially risks fraught with the danger of her father catching her at it had the girl wondering which of her parents, if either, she took after.

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