National campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy sexting

Teenagers need their freedom, but they also need our guidance.

They want more opportunities to make their own choices; we want to feel more comfortable before we give them those chances.

A 2011 youth risk behavior survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control found that 39% of teens had consumed some amount of alcohol in the prior 30 days and 22% binge drank.

More teens today are fueling their bodies and minds with potent energy drinks and strong coffee.

While these legal drinks may seem less concerning, high levels of caffeine can cause health problems and mask your child’s need for real food and sleep.

Teenagers often they should have more freedom than they can actually handle.

And even if a teen is responsible and mature for his or her age, there is typical teenage behavior he or she should not be doing. It’s known by various names like “sexting,” but the alarming number of teens who engage in the practice of sending photos and words that they’d never want some (like their parents, or a future employer) to see is disturbing.

But the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on indoor tanning for minors, based upon an alarming increase in deadly skin cancers among young adults with a history of tanning bed use.

Last modified 22-Dec-2017 06:22